Lana Del Rey and White Feminism: Why Azealia Banks Is Right (This Time)

A consideration of Azealia Banks' critique of Lana Del Rey's comment on Kanye West's support for Donald Trump. It's more straight forward than it looks...

Quiz: Which Musical Euphemism Are You?

Everyone loves a quiz! So for a bit of comic relief, find out who sang about your bedroom manners here...

Fact Sheet: Jimmy Iovine

You kind of know who he is but don’t want to be tested on it. This fact sheet has everything you need to know to never talk yourself into an awkward corner.

No fluff, just the music stuff. Beats Wikipedia

Song Exploder: The Best Music Podcast Out There?

The podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made.

7 Reasons To Hold On To Your CDs

Who's Old School now?

Arctic Monkeys: Why Are We So Forgiving?

Do fans appreciate the effort to leave the mainstream and are they willing to accept this mediocre project as a result? Are their ears so desensitised to good rock from a brief interest in trap that they’ll take anything? 

Eurovision 2018 – The Big Five & Portugal

You've almost made it! Just six more songs to consider and you will be a Eurovision champ. Part 3/3.

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