11 Secret Spotify Tricks

Optimise your Spotify use with these handy hacks.


Music Quality

You can improve the sound quality for both streaming and downloads by going to Settings > Music Quality. Bear in mind that this has an effect on your data use.

Private Session

Did you tell your date that you love their favourite band when in fact you’ve never heard of them? Go to Settings > Social and turn on the Private Session before doing your research. They’ll never find out.



Explicit versus Clean

Selected albums give you the opportunity to listen to the explicit as well as a clean version, for instance if you want to feel like a good Christian while still blasting some Joey Bada$$ through your speakers. Simply go to the album (e.g. ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$) and look for the button below the track list which says “1 more release”. You can now switch between dirty and clean whenever you want.
Note: this feature currently only works for the desktop app, and is not available for all explicit tracks.

Collaborative Playlists

Don’t want to deal with the responsibility of being in charge of the party playlist? Why not create a collaborative playlist so you and your friends can all have a say. Simply right-click on the playlist and select “Collaborative Playlist”. Your playlist will automatically be made private so edits can only be made by the friends you send an invite. You can also do this on your phone by clicking the three dots at the top of the screen while in your playlist.

An Easy Way to Share

I’ve implemented this handy trick for my Instagram account, but it is also super useful if you want to share a track with your friends without making them look around for it. You can share one song, a full album, or even a playlist this way. Click on the three dots at the top of the screen, then click on the cover image. It will enlarge and give you the option to “save to photos”. Once received, your friend can go into Search and tap the camera next to the search bar. They can then select the screenshot from their photos and will be taken directly to the track, which will start playing instantly. The camera can also be used to scan the code from your phone or a print directly.



Spotify makes it hard for you to sound like a proper DJ. If you increase the crossfade between tracks, however, this just brings you a tad closer. You can have crossfades from 1 to 12 seconds by going to Settings > Playback.

Spotify Running

This might be Spotify’s best kept secret. Although Spotify Running looks like nothing more than a selection of playlists, it is actually an interactive function that adjusts to your running speed and plays a non-stop flow of music in your selected genre or theme with the exact same beat. It also lets you track your workout with Runkeeper. Spotify Running can be found in Browse > Genres & Moods, or simply by searching “Running”.



In case you just missed what that banger was in your Discover Weekly, the desktop app lets you look at your past tracks by going to your Play Queue and clicking “History” at the top of the screen.


Nothing makes you look like a pro quite like using keyboard shortcuts. This page has all the keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.


Shazam is a wonderful app that lets you discover tracks you come across in your daily life. And guess what? You can connect your Shazam to your Spotify and add discovered songs to existing playlists. Alternatively you can simply open the tracks in Spotify for quick access.


Acrostify speaks for itself. Create a custom playlist for that special someone with a secret message hidden in plain sight. Also perfect for those with anger management issues.

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