Featured Playlist: M/E Radio March

An eclectic soundtrack for day-to-day life mixing the best new music with (forgotten) classics. Updated monthly.

Remember when I did that spring fever playlist and then the Beast from the East covered a big chunk of Europe in a think layer of snow and icy gales? That was funny wasn’t it. As you can imagine, I am confused. So in true manic, eclectic fashion, the M / E Radio playlist for this month is a mixed bag of all sorts. Let’s call it Mood Swing March. It’s time to face the facts: like every year, our state of utter overexcitement is making us believe that March is when everything changes, but this is a lie. So get ready to be disappointed. By the weather, by the Oscars, by humanity in general. Oh, and for Mercury to be in retrograde near the end of the month (so don’t expect too much of early April either).

Tough times might be ahead, but with the right soundtrack we can all make it down the winding paths of March and make it to the promised land that is spring. Stay strong, friends. 

Although M / E Radio is curated to be listened to start to end, shuffle is my best friend and he can be yours too if you keep an open mind.


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