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Bullet Point Review: Destroyer – Ken

Destroyer's new album is the nostalgic's daydream. Release date: October 20 2017 Label: Merge/Dead Oceans


  • The post-punk/shoegaze vibes on this album do not sound fabricated and vintage like many new interpretations of these genres nowadays do, but actually captures an authentic nostalgia reminiscent of acts like Jesus & The Mary Chain.
  • Dan Bejar’s songwriting is something else. Perverse, complex, a tad pretentious, but never boring and always with a sense of humour. This holds true for Ken as well.
  • The album is full of references that make for a more fascinating listening experience. The album title itself is a reference to Suede’s working title for The Wild Ones, “Tinseltown Dripping In Blood” refers to The Blue Nile’s “Tinseltown In The Rain”.


  • It doesn’t live up to 2011’s Kaputt.
  • The reference material that inspired Bejar for this album is, unfortunately, in many cases better than Ken.
  • My opinion might be slightly skewed due to a live performance of Destroyer were I saw Bejar crawl about drunkenly, wine bottle in hand.


Why bother? Because this album will make you feel a happy kind of thoughtful.

How? Headphones. Or just really loudly.

When? Whenever you want to wallow in sweet nostalgia.

Where? On the go, wind in your hair.

For fans of: The Jesus & Mary Chain, Sharon Van Etten, Wolf Parade

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