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Bullet Point Review: Fever Ray – Plunge

This album should be everyone's kink. Release date: October 27 2017 Label: Rabid Records


  • More accessible yet more risqué. The tracks are more song-like, more melodious and structured, but do not lose the avant-garde vibe that makes Fever Ray stand out.
  • Rather than the creepy, natural gothic of Fever Ray, this is erotic, industrial gothic. It has that strangeness that can make you feel sensual in a very confusing, almost disturbing way. I’m reminded of Marilyn Manson, NIN’s “Closer”, and the AHS intros.
  • “IDK About You” is a piece of art, and it could have never appeared on Fever Ray or a The Knife album, for that matter. It evokes images of a coven dance party that I am all for.
  • Apart from “This Country” and “To The Moon And Back”, the songs are not lyrically explicit which adds to their strength. Rather than using specific words to make you feel a certain way, Karin uses sound and imagery.


  • At moments the project sounds closer to The Knife than the first Fever Ray album.
  • Plunge doesn’t have the feeling of almost apocalyptic impending doom that made Fever Ray so unforgettable, perhaps also because Dreijer does not manipulate her voice quite as much.
  • I can imagine furries enjoy this album, too.


Why bother? It’s been eight years, I think you’re ready.

How? The closest you can come to a booming bass without drowning out the mids. Nuance is key, you want to hear all the little bleeps and bloops.

When? When you’re feeling a bit raunchy.

Where? Wherever you are when that feeling occurs. Maybe it’s even more suitable when that is in public. It can be your little headphone secret.

For fans of: Björk, The Knife, CocoRosie, Cocteau Twins, Nine Inch Nails.

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