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Bullet Point Review – EP edition: Klangstof, yaeji, Cameron Bloomfield

This was a good week for EPs, so here's some reviews to match: extra snappy, short and sweet. 

Klangstof – Everest

Positive: Klangstof’s dreamy synthpop is brought to new heights on Everest, which is a follow-up to their 2016 debut Close Eyes to Exit. The drumming on this EP is outstandingly sharp, the synths expertly manipulated. As the first Dutch act to ever play Coachella (this year’s edition), the quality of this new release hardly comes as a surprise.

Negative: Singer Koen van de Wardt’s voice is eerily similar to Tom Yorke’s, which can be distracting at times (but that is really the only reason that’s a bad thing).

Why bother? Everest is more synth based than Close Eyes to Exit and shows the more electronic side of the band, which is a nice, but not too drastic, change of sound.

How? With a bassy but otherwise well-balanced sound system (my Beats headphones do the trick quite well).

When? When it’s dark outside (or inside).

Where? Good commuting music.

For fans of: Miike Snow, Palace Winter, Olga Bell, Soft Hair.

yaeji – EP2

Positive: yaeji is a hip new name in the techno world and her star is rising fast. EP2 is daring, sexy, inviting, and “raingurl” is especially phenomenal. Makes a boring girl want to club hard.

Negative: The spoken intro seems a bit redundant on a five-track EP.

Why bother? This is a name that is cool to know. So to show off, basically.

How? Loudly, I don’t even care about the sound quality. Just blast it.

When? Whenever you want to feel PUMPT.

Where? Club or gym. Running to techno is severely underrated.

For fans of: Kelly Lee Owens, Kedr Livanskiy, Laurel Halo, Yves Tumor.

Cameron Bloomfield – The Night Before

Positive: Cameron Bloomfield’s got the pop-soul sound that’s trendy now down to a T. The mix of beats and instruments is seamless, and the result is danceable, funky, and catchy AF.

Negative: At moments this EP almost sounds a bit cheesy. Perhaps it is the pop factor that is very present that gives me the occasional “Ed Sheeran shivers”. “Talk” is skippable.

Why bother? Cameron Bloomfield has every chance of becoming a big name. Get to know him before that happens.

How? In the background.

When? To create a cosy atmosphere.

Where? Suitable for socials or a romantic dinner.

For fans of: Jordan Rakei, Jamie Woon, Matt Corby, Lianne La Havas.

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