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Dear reader,

This being a brand new blog, I am learning as I go along. This is all a very intense and difficult process but I want to put the best I can into the content I produce and currently I am not satisfied. I have therefore decided that although I will stay true to the bullet point reviews, I will now post a monthly overview rather than a small post every week. This will allow me to focus more on content I currently have little to no time for, as this is a project I work on outside of a full-time job and several hobbies and obligations, i.e. a life I have/want to live.

The coming weeks will be all about the best releases of 2017, which I will focus on in my journal posts each Tuesday. I will therefore start writing my monthly review posts in 2018. Let’s face it, the only album everyone is still anticipating this year is Bjork’s, and there’s no question that will be brilliant anyway. You really don’t need my word on that.

I hope this reformation will mean quality over quantity, both for you and for me.



P.S. You can still follow my (almost) daily recommendations on Instagram 🙂

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