The 2018 Grammy Awards: All You Need To Know

So you didn’t watch the Grammys? Join the queue. Nobody has time, the winners are always disappointing, and you can always watch and read about the highlight later. So here they are, some articles and videos that will tell and show you all you need to know. It’s like you actually watched, but better!

Kendrick Lamar opened the night with a high-energy medley of DAMN. tracks interspersed with Dave Chapelle’s face saying thing you would expect from Dave Chapelle. Also Bono and The Edge showed up.

Bruno Mars won basically everything and people are surprised, but should they be? Rolling Stone‘s Rob Sheffield reminds us why this is nothing new in this poignant article.


Janelle Monae gave this cool speech about women in the music industry and the #MeToo movement, followed by a powerful performance by Kesha that worked because everyone knows what happened to her, not because it is explicitly political.

Caroline Framke from Vox wrote this article titled “The 2018 Grammys put on a big show of supporting women without actually supporting women” and it’s all you need to know on the topic.


Ok, there’s one more thing you should read about it and it is this statement by the Recording Academy’s president Neil Portnow. Now that you know that this sack of shite is in charge, you really shouldn’t be surprised about anything that happens during this joke of a night.

Everyone will be talking about Blue Ivy Carter telling her parents to stop clapping during Camila Cabello’s speech, and it might have been the performance of the night.

Stephen Thompson at NPR sums up the night nicely with these 10 takeaways and the statement “Grammys gonna Grammy”.

And finally, there was a “consolation puppy” going around for the losers. Let’s just say it was quite the pupper.

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