5 Albums To Look Forward To In February

A look forward to new releases by Franz Ferdinand, Caroline Rose, and more.

Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending (February 9)

This album promises to be more hypnotically rhythmic, a kind of funky club rock that can be either a fascinating new turn for FF, or a trick that gets old real quick. The singles weren’t mind-blowing, but perhaps this will be an album that grows on you.

U.S. Girls – A Poem Unlimited (February 16)

Will this album be the breakthrough? U.S. Girls has been on the scene for years, but perhaps 2018 is the year Meghan Remy’s experimental pop finally gets the attention it deserves. If you ask me, her ABBA-in-an-art-gallery vibes are totally on trend.

Caroline Rose – LONER (February 23)

Caroline Rose makes very smart spunky pop music that uses underground trends and packages them in glossy red paper. I don’t see how anyone can be offended by this music. It’s also got great festival potential.

MGMT – Little Dark Age (February 9)

The return of MGMT could very well be uninteresting. Yet I can’t help being curious. For many people MGMT represent a nostalgia, as it was such a crucial part of mid-noughties indie rock. The new singles are reminiscent of the old sound. Particularly “Hand It Over” sounds like it could have been on Congratulations. Although I adored this album, most people would probably prefer a return to Oracular Spectacular sounds, so this might just end up disappointing like the last record, which no one remembers.

FRIGS – Basic Behaviour (February 23)

“Raw” is probably the best word to describe FRIGS’ sound. With influences ranging from PJ Harvey to Sonic Youth, we could be in for a pleasant surprise. Hypnotically grungy track “II” cannot help but pique my interest, and I cannot wait to hear what else they have up their sleeve.

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