5 Albums to Look Forward to in March

A look forward to releases by The Decemberists, Frankie Cosmos, and more.

PRhyme – PRhyme 2 (March 16)

The second collaborative album of Royce da 5’9” and DJ Premier promises to be more of the same, in the best way possible. What else can you expect from this duo? DJ Premier is a legendary producer who’s worked with the likes of Dr. Dre, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Kanye, Jay-Z, Joey Bada$$… The list goes on and on. Royce might not be a big mainstream name, but having worked extensively with Eminem as well as ghostwriting for Diddy and Dr. Dre to name a few, great rhymes are to be expected. This collaboration worked once before. Now that rap is once more at the forefront of popular music, perhaps this second attempt will get the attention it deserves.

The Decemberists – I’ll Be Your Girl (Mach 16)

It’s surely been a while, hasn’t it! Since their last album in 2014, The Decemberists have gone through what seems like a bit of an overhaul, sound-wise. What was once poetic folksy rock with a twist of R.E.M, had now turned into a synth-led pop sound. Much like the video for “Severed”, this new sound is a collage-style mix of old and new. Definitely still recognisable as The Decemberists, but in a hip new jacket. I’m not mad at it.

Jack White – Boarding House Reach (March 23)

I am mostly just curious if this album will be as disastrous as “Connected By Love”which was released as its lead single. The instrumentation on the songs released thus far is appealing, I will say, but Jack White has never been a star vocaliser. Him thinking that a apocalyptical ballad would be a good choice for a lead single is just megalomania embodied. I don’t know if I’ll be able to look past this. And that fake Funkadelic sound on “Corporation”? Please.

Frankie Cosmos – Vessel (March 30)

Frankie Cosmos make me happy. Late March seems like a perfect time for the release of Vessel. Carefree indie rock was invented for spring. We’ll have to wait and see whether Vessel can outlive the season, or if it will be forgotten once summertime comes around and a more trendy sound is introduced. Innovative is certainly not the right word for the singles released thus far. But although I doubt this album will make year-end lists, that won’t take away how happy it will make us for a few weeks.

Caitlin Canty – Motel Bouquet (March 30)

There ain’t nothing wrong with a bit of Americana. Last year Courtney Marie Andrews stole our hearts with her honest songwriting and unique voice. This year, perhaps the melancholic sweetness of Caitlin Canty will do the same. Songs like “Scattershot” have a poppy sensibility that will appeal to Ben Howard fans, and it is certainly suitable for late-night road trips.

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